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What is Pension Maximization?

You’ve reached retirement. Now they’re are just a few decisions between you and your dream.

If you’re married and nearing retirement, a big decision you may face is pension payout. You have two options: single-life payout or joint-and-survivor payout.

Taking the single-life payout can give you the most money for your retirement years. It’s called pension maximization. The retiree chooses the higher payout with no death benefit for his or her spouse. The couple then uses that extra money to purchase a life insurance policy that will provide income if the retiree passes away first.

Choosing this option can give you the most money to enjoy retirement now and more to support your spouse if you’re gone.

Talk to Mitch Kenvin at Kenvin Financial Services before you make any decisions about your pension. Payout choices are often irreversible. We’ll help you make the right choice to put the most money in your pocket!

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