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What if you could offer your employees a retirement plan at no cost to you?

As a small business owner you have a lot to worry about. Employee loyalty and retention is a big one. Contrary to the current belief that the importance of company retirement plans have decreased in an employee’s financial planning, an employee retirement plan is the most coveted benefit right after health insurance by US workers. However, according to data from the Small Business Administration almost three-quarters of small business employers today do not offer retirement plans for their employees.

Qualified retirement plans, deferred compensation plans and individual retirement accounts are all different, including the fees to manage and maintain. At Kenvin Financial Services, we have established a set of products and services that work for our small business employers while also benefiting their employees -at no cost to either.

Many entrepreneurs are reluctant to offer employee retirement plans based on a number of persistent myths. Through a Deferred Compensation package, here are a few highlights we are able to offer our small business employers looking to offer more to their employees:

  • No start up or ongoing costs to the employer.
  • No liability for employer.
  • No tax forms or returns to fill out.
  • Flexibility in employer contributions.
  • Asset protection for the employer.
  • Best way for an employer to recruit and retain key employees.
  • Employer can pick and choose which employees he wants to offer a plan to.

Contact us today to learn more about our products and services. We offer free consultations and will create the strategy that best works for you and your employees. Learn more today!

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