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Meet Our Founder Mitch Kenvin

Mitch Kenvin embodies this motto – Passion | Knowledge | Purpose. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and helping others achieve their financial goals. When you choose Kenvin Financial Services you are choosing a one-on-one experience. You will not be passed off to a junior associate or an assistant. Rest assured, with Mitch you will be in good hands. His purpose is to match people with the products that will help them build financial security. Mitch doesn’t like to waste time. He comes to you prepared to answer your questions and prides himself on his quick responses.

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Born out of personal experience, Mitch developed an individual crusade to see that families are not left unprotected. At 20 years old, Mitch lost his father to a sudden heart attack and returned home to take care of his mother. His family did not have life insurance, and that simple fact had a dramatic impact on his life. Mitch made a decision that he did not want anyone else to have to go through the difficulty of losing a loved one without financial protection.


As President and CEO of Kenvin Financial Services, Mitch Kenvin has been a respected financial advisor for over 25 years. In addition to holding a Bachelor of Science from the University of Miami, Mitch took and passed rigorous securities exams to obtain his 6,7, 63 and 22 licenses. Now, Mitch concentrates full-time on the products and services that he knows best meet the needs of his clients.


Mitch has a simple philosophy. He won’t sell you the kitchen sink, and he doesn’t sell to just anyone. Just like you choose your advisors, Mitch chooses to service only clients that will truly benefit from what he has to offer. Mitch believes every family has a right and a responsibility to have a secure financial future, and he offers guidance on how to help you get there.

Mitch has spent the better part of the last two and half decades educating others on how they can protect their families and preserve and grow their wealth. When not serving clients or educating the public about strategies for financial security, Mitch spends time with his lovely wife of 18 years, his two amazing daughters and his three Bischons.

He is passionate and committed to helping people understand how to take control of their finances and their families’ security. Along with his role at Kenvin Financial Services, Mitch also enjoys educating the public through speaking engagements.

Let Mitch personally design your future financial success! 972-365-0800 mitch@kenvinfinancialservices.com
Let Mitch personally design your future financial success!